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This podcast is about bringing parents, players, and coaches together around the most important aspects of the youth sports experience. You have thousands of teachable moments in the context of a 15-year window where kids are most open to learning and development - physically, mentally, tactically, emotionally, psychosocially, and in terms of core character. 

The goal of this podcast is to boost our enjoyment of the game and of the gift we have in our children. We hope to help parents, players, and coaches to make the most of the time we have with our kids, and to launch them into the world of adulthood with a solid toolbox of life skills. 

Nov 26, 2018

The crucial difference between an elite performer and one who is good is often not visible to the casual observer. Having a good Mind Game can make all the difference! What is a good mental game and how do we help our young athletes develop this critical skill?

Nov 19, 2018

Referees need our backup, our respect, and a little love! This weekend, a referee team in Virginia earned a "Reffie" from me. Find out why and what you can do to ensure that we see more Reffies in the world of youth soccer!

Nov 12, 2018

Soccer is a pretty tame sport when compared to sports like American football, but injuries can and do happen. When they do, it’s important to let the doctor help. In this episode, I will quickly go over some of the most common injuries, the injuries I’ve personally seen the most of, and leave you with a tip that...

Nov 5, 2018

How would you deal with a bad referee? I had occasion to find out how I would deal with a bad referee this weekend. It didn't go as well as I would have liked What would you do if you were faced with a bad referee situation?