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This podcast is about bringing parents, players, and coaches together around the most important aspects of the youth sports experience. You have thousands of teachable moments in the context of a 15-year window where kids are most open to learning and development - physically, mentally, tactically, emotionally, psychosocially, and in terms of core character. 

The goal of this podcast is to boost our enjoyment of the game and of the gift we have in our children. We hope to help parents, players, and coaches to make the most of the time we have with our kids, and to launch them into the world of adulthood with a solid toolbox of life skills. 

Jul 29, 2019

No one would take on the New York Giants alone and live to tell about it. It takes a team. It take diversity in thinking and in skills for any team to win!

Jul 22, 2019

Youth sports in the US is dying, not because the business model isn't working, but maybe because it is working a little too well. It's drawing in $17 B at the expense of talent, a huge underserved population, and is creating a population of Overserved kids who are burning out!

Jul 15, 2019

Which player do you think coaches are going to be willing to go out of their way for: the ones who consistently keep their promises and follow through, or the ones who are consistently late and break their promises to show up or communicate? 

Being reliable is a skill that youth sports can help young players learn. In...

Jul 8, 2019

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The women's world cup was yesterday! The USA won 2-0 over the Netherlands. Did you watch the game? I mean did you really watch it? Let's talk about...

Jul 1, 2019

Skills, fitness, physicality... It's all important. And it's often an athlete's Character that helps them make the cut. Character matters.