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This podcast is about bringing parents, players, and coaches together around the most important aspects of the youth sports experience. You have thousands of teachable moments in the context of a 15-year window where kids are most open to learning and development - physically, mentally, tactically, emotionally, psychosocially, and in terms of core character. 

The goal of this podcast is to boost our enjoyment of the game and of the gift we have in our children. We hope to help parents, players, and coaches to make the most of the time we have with our kids, and to launch them into the world of adulthood with a solid toolbox of life skills. 

Mar 21, 2020

We are surrounded by all talk all-the-time about COVID-19. But what can we DO now to make our new normal lifestyle a little more enjoyable for our kids and for our member families?

Mar 16, 2020

With so much fear and inconvenience running around, let's talk about the Positives of a Global Pandemic. Put this time to good use!